Make a Wish, and check out our new Jewellery..

Lots has been happening this week, in fact its been fairly manic. Cotswold Jewellery have secured two fantastic new suppliers, and are looking forward to receiving new stocks next week for our collections. Personally I think they are absolutely stunning and I think that you will too. We have new pieces to add to the Dog Jewellery Collection, and  the new Hearts Jewellery Collection with plenty of exciting personalised bracelets and necklaces. More on that soon....

Changing the subject some what, whilst walking the dogs, (oh and have you seen all our beautiful dog jewellery? I'm in love....) I came across these pretty thistle seeds, so many, it was impossible to see how many wishes they would have  granted. Totally gorgeous and inspiring, almost fairy like...  


Bringing me on to our Wish Children's Jewellery Making Kits, so sweet, and ideal for the girls to spend some down time, enjoying making bracelets and a necklace. Why not treat your little one, ideal for rainy days, and the jewellery that they are finished with is so pretty for them to enjoy and wear, there are loads of different styles too, including unicorn, fairy, pony, ballerina and even a boys version called jungle, of course the girls can also make the jungle kit, its a chunky monkey type of jewellery! Highly desirable and looks great when worn.


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