Introducing the NEW Unique Gift Boxes and Letterbox Gifts

Brand New for 2022, are the unique gift boxes, and letterbox gifts available now. With so many different options, its been decided to slowly increase the amount of different gift boxes available, including horsey giftboxes, flower gift boxes and maybe even a dads and mums box.

The bespoke boxes are handpicked, so that each item is perfectly matched to give the giftee a beautiful set of quality items to enjoy.

One of my favourite gift boxes at the moment is the Hedgehog Gift Box. It contains a number of hedgy items including a beautiful hedgehog bracelet, notebook and even a pair of the softest bamboo hedgehog socks.  What more could a hedgehog lover want!



The Letterbox Gifts are slimline versions of our gift boxes, easily put through the letterbox, but packed with wonderful gifts.

The Cat Lover Letterbox Gifts are a great little pack of beautiful items, that suit many a cat lover lady.




All our unique gift boxes are beautifully packaged and delivered right to your door, so that all you have to do is give your amazing gift to your loved one, it couldn't be easier. 

I can't wait to make up more of these super boxes soon :)

But why not check out the full range 


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