About Us

Cotswold Jewellery came about when we (a local young family) had an inspiration. An inspiration of the love of stunning fashionable Jewellery and the place we live in, the Cotswolds. Highly in love with all animals, birds, dogs, horses, countryside, wildlife, and beauty it seemed sense to open our very own little website, selling what we love and what inspires us. 

A bit about the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are a magnificent  90mile long by 25mile across length of hills spanning across the middle/south of England. A beautiful part of the country it has many places to explore and enjoy, and we hope to include some of these in our blog, occasionally) and is one of the more expensive places to live in England. The beauty of the Cotswold Country, its animals, birds and wildlife is second to none, and can be enjoyed by those who both live and visit. If you havn't been to a part of the Cotswolds, and you love Country Life, perhaps it should get added to the list? See our recent blog about a nice country walk up to Belas Knap.

A bit about our Jewellery

Our Jewellery is carefully handpicked, for quality, beauty and what we love. We source special pieces from various companies who offer wonderful items, ready to be sent out to you or for your loved ones. Perfect Unique Gifts for special people.  Our amazing Dog Jewellery Collections are a particular favourite, as well of course as the Equestrian Range, and our stunning Animal and Bird Jewellery. A nice contrast to these items is of course our wonderful Joma Jewellery Bracelets, highly desirable and totally lush, the perfect gift for a special occasion. As our fantastic collections continue to grow, we hope that you enjoy our selections. We just love them.